Dan͟ggu Geikie Gorge

Fitzroy River flood waters have carved the 30m deep Dan͟ggu Geikie Gorge through the limestone at the junction of the Oscar and Geikie Ranges.

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Rarrgi Trail

Bush Walk
1.6 kilometres

This one kilometre loop in Geikie Gorge circuits around weathered remants of the limestone Devonian reef, formed more than 360 million years ago.

Jarrambayah Trail

Bush Walk
4.4 kilometres

A pleasant four kilometre walk along the base of one of the Geike Gorge walls beside the Fitzroy River.

Larrgari Trail

Bush Walk
1.7 kilometres

This 1.75 kilometre trail meanders through savannah woodland to the Fitzroy River. The loop is completed by using the trail to return to the car park.

Drive trails

The West Kimberley Crossing

Drive (2WD)
1135 kilometres

In the West Kimberley, a 350-million-year-old reef system has created a trio of spectacular natural treasures - Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Geikie Gorge.  Venture into one of the last true wilderness areas on earth to experience all three, and get a taste of the Kimberley’s pioneering spirit on the legendary Gibb River Road.

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