You don't need to know the name of a place - just choose something you would like to experience.

Would you like to see some gorgeous gorges? We will show you where you can find them all over Western Australia.

Scroll down and find an experience that appeals to you.


Aboriginal culture

WA’s natural spaces have strong mythical, spiritual and historical connections.


From shell lined shores to squeaky white sands and even beaches where kangaroos are the locals – WA’s beaches are like no other.

Boat tours

Spend a day (or two!) out on the water on a boat trip to remember.


Experience the underground world and explore limestone caves, chambers and caverns.


Immerse yourself in nature by exploring one of WA’s native forests.

Getting high in nature

Don’t look down! Reach new heights by climbing towering trees, hiking steep ranges or exploring world-class skywalks.

Gorgeous Gorges

Feel humbled as you tour valleys lined with towering rock walls.


Buildings, landscapes and artefacts across WA share stories of our rich and unique history.

Hidden gems

From covert camping spots to untouched coastlines – uncover WA’s best kept secrets.


It’s a long way to the top! Tackle challenging climbs and reap the rewards of panoramic views.

Natural Wonders

Experience extraordinary and marvel at spectacular gorges, coral reefs and landscapes.

Rivers and lakes

Head inland and spend the day by one of WA's many rivers, lakes and dams.

Scenic drives

Take the road less travelled, wind the windows down for a coastal cruise or head to the hills for picturesque views.

Trails & walks

All aboard the heel-toe express! Find a trail type, length and destination that suits you.

Waterholes and waterfalls

Make a splash in secluded waterholes and chase breathtaking waterfalls.

Whale watching

Greet the giant but gentle humpback, southern-right and blue whales which frolic along our coastline.


WA's national parks burst to life with colour when wildflowers bloom each Spring.


From the well-known to the lesser known – lookout for quokkas, echidnas, orcas and seadragons.

World Heritage Listed

Come and explore Western Australia's World Heritage places.