Irabina Study Centre

Dryandra Woodland

This facility offers a unique location to enjoy classroom activities or as a small conference centre.

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Old Mill Dam

Stop and enjoy the woodlands up close in a natural setting at Old Mill Dam. 

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Lol Gray

The Lol Gray picnic area offers visitors a place to enjoy the woodlands up close.

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Congelin Dam

The Congelin Siding Walk follows the old Pinjarra to Narrogin railway line, which was constructed in 1925 and known as the Hotham Valley Branch (Dwarda line). Signs interpret many of the remaining features still visible along the line. For more information visit TrailsWA.

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Barna Mia Nocturnal Wildlife Experience

Take a guided nocturnal tour in a tranquil sanctuary that has become home for some of Western Australia’s native animals facing extinction. Experience an unforgettable journey through Barna Mia in picturesque Dryandra Woodland, 180km south-east of Perth.

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Dryandra Aboretum

Dryandra Arboretum is a living gallery of many kinds of native trees in the heart of Dryandra Woodland.

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Contine Hill

Contine Hill features a picnic area and lookout with spectacular views across a wide, sweeping landscape of forested hills and farmland.

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Wandoo Night Walk

Bush Walk
1 kilometre

A short night walk with markers that reflect torchlight. Look for nocturnal animals such as woylies, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, tawny frog-mouths and owls among the wandoo trees and heath vegetation.

Woylie Walk

Bush Walk
5.5 kilometres

The 5.5km, Grade 3 Woylie Walk starts at the Old Mill Dam in the Dryandra Woodland and weaves its way through woodlands of wandoo, powderbark, kwongan heathlands, jarrah and stands of sheoak. Look for woylie diggings in the area and numbats and echidnas searching for termites.

Breakaway Walk

Bush Walk
1 kilometre

This short one kilometre walk around Contine Hill provides expansive views illustrating the contrast between farmland and the original dryandra woodland which existed before extensive clearing.

Congelin Siding Walk

Bush Walk
1.6 kilometres

This short and easy trail in the Dryandra woodland follows the old Pinjarra to Narrogin railway line that was constructed in 1925 and known as the Hotham Valley Branch (Dwarda line).

Fire Tower Walk

Bush Walk
400 metres

This short walk meanders around East Contine Hill, a laterite breakaway that was the ideal site for the lookout towers used during the summer fire season.  These towers were staffed during the summer fire season by forestry workers and their wives who were known as “spotters”.

Kawana Trail

Bush Walk
3.3 kilometres

This trail crosses from brown mallet plantation to kwongan heath and back offering great opportunities for spotting birds, echidnas and beautiful dryandras. It is an easy 3.3km return walk ideal for families.

Lol Gray Loop

Bush Walk
3.2 kilometres

This 3.2 kilometre loop walk follows part of the Lol Gray trail, taking in heathlands of banksia, woolly bush and pea flowers.

Lol Gray Trail

Bush Walk
12.5 kilometres

See the diverse vegetation types and enjoy spectacular views over Dryandra near the old Lol Gray tree fire tower, which was built in 1930 and used by the Forest Department as a lookout for fires.  This 12.5km loop walk is one of the longer walk trails in the area.

Ochre Trail

Bush Walk
5 kilometres

Discover the Aboriginal heritage of Dryandra on this 5 kilometre loop walk, with interpretive signs explaining aspects of the local Noongar culture, including an ochre pit. The trail meanders through beautiful stands of wandoo and passes the site of an old fire tower.

Drive trails

Darwinia Drive Trail

Drive (2WD)
23 kilometres

This 23km drive through Dryandra Woodland provides five pull over bays with interpretive information revealing the interdependence of natural systems.  Take along a picnic lunch or take a short walk to search for orchids near the granite outcrop at stop five.

Camping and Accommodation

Lions Dryandra Woodland Village

Situated in the picturesque surroundings of the Dryandra Woodland, the village was first established in the late 1920s.

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Congelin Campground

Camp in the Dryandra Woodland and keep an eye out for woylies, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, tawny frogmouths, kangaroos and wallabies.

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Gnaala Mia Campground

This campground in Dryandra Woodland has a range of campsites suitable for tents through to larger caravans. The campsites are in the forest at least 20m apart for a more private experience.

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