Pear Walk

Bush Walk
900 metres

The Golden Valley Tree Park is just three kilometres out of Balingup in Western Australia. By taking a stroll along Pear Walk in the World Collection area you are stepping into rural England. The old farming property has over 250 species of Northern Hemisphere trees. There are even a few sheep for added authenticity.

Sequoia Walk

Bush Walk
600 metres

Sequoia Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park is a gentle 10-minute stroll along a gully which takes you through the North America section of the park. The wheelchair friendly trail passes through groves of redwoods, Douglas fir and sequoia. A picturesque pond provides habitat for the resident ducks.

Tall Gum Short Walk

Bush Walk
650 metres

The Tall Gum Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, celebrates the majesty of Australia’s tall eucalypt trees. Living up to its name, this trail is the shortest and easiest to negotiate at only 650 metres. Many of these trees were planted in 1987, but even so they are already reaching impressive heights.

Wattle Walk

Bush Walk
1.1 kilometres

The Wattle Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, is at its best from mid winter and early spring when the yellow blossoms are out in profusion. By looking out for gold arrows, this short loop trail is easily followed. It is not a formed path, but its easy going.

Hill View Trail

Bush Walk
1.5 kilometres

The Hill View Walk only takes about 45 minutes to walk at a leisurely pace, and takes in lovely views and a great variety of different vegetation in the Australian Collection section of the Golden Valley Tree Park.

Oak Grove Walk

Bush Walk
1.5 kilometres

The Oak Grove Walk is an easy 1.5 kilometre loop walk through the heritage listed Golden Valley Tree Park, the largest arboretum in Western Australia featuring tree species from around the world.  The 60 hectare landscaped park is set in the picturesque hills of Balingup, three hours south of Perth.

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