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Dog friendly forest trail

  • By Mike Wood
  • 4th March, 2022

The original walk trail out and back from the parking area to Scotsdale Creek has been increased from 1.2km to 2.8km and is now a loop trail bringing you back to the parking area on Scotsdale Road. The trail is classified as a Class 3, which means it is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

One of the features about this trail is that it is dog friendly. Residents that live close to Harewood State Forest now have another place to walk their ‘fur children’ as well as getting some physical exercise and reconnect with nature.

As this is also close to the winery region of Denmark, tourists will find this trail particularly enjoyable. You can walk off a long lunch and meander through some spectacular karri regrowth listening to the bird chorus in the canopy.

Harewood is particularly well known for its fungi, with some colourful displays, clinging to fallen timber along the side of the trail. There are still some old interpretation signs along the original section of trail highlighting the logging era when the Millar family logged this forest.

It is suitable for most ages and can be done in an hour. If you take your furry friend, please ensure it is on a lead at all times. You can find a map and more information about the Harewood Trail on the TrailsWA website.

A special note about dogs in parks and reserves

The restrictions on dogs in national parks, reserves and State forests are partly for their safety as well as those of native wildlife. Toxic baits are used throughout the State to control feral animals such as feral cats and foxes and are very attractive to dogs but fatal if ingested. View the Western Shield fox and feral cat baiting locations here