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John Forrest National Park Improvement Project

WA's oldest national park is getting a facelift!

  • By Rachel Hutton
  • 4th March, 2022

Environment Minister Reece Whitby has announced local architects Gresley Abas will design the new Park Centre that will become the focal point of John Forrest National Park.

The Park Centre will showcase the park’s heritage and culture in a contemporary facility that will complement the surrounding environment.

The State Government is investing $8.4 million to further improve services and facilities at John Forrest National Park. This will add to a series of recent improvements to trails and facilities in the park.

The design will include environmentally sustainable, accessible and culturally appropriate spaces, with a strong emphasis on integrating the facilities into the natural surrounds.

The Park Centre will include an interpretation space dedicated to John Forrest National Park, WA's other parks and reserves, and the Aboriginal culture of the park and the state.

A new, larger parking area will more than triple the current parking capacity at the park to more than 600 bays.

Visitors will enter the park via a new access point and the new parking area will be designed to have minimal visual impact.

An iconic, universally accessible elevated walkway will provide pedestrian access between the new parking area and the Park Centre complex.

Construction will be undertaken in stages to minimise disruption for park visitors, with the upgrades expected to be fully completed by mid-2024.

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is liaising with the current tavern lessees. A commercial opportunity for the new café and retail space will be publicly advertised for interested parties to register their interest.

Kangaroos that frequent the tavern will be monitored by Park and Wildlife Service officers while the park improvements are underway.

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