Park news

New facilities and upgrades to Lake Kepwari are now complete and open to the public

These upgrades provide new camp sites, and better, more accessible amenities to enjoy Lake Kepwari's beauty in comfort. 

  • By Lauren Mazzucato
  • 25th January, 2023

Previously an open-cut coal mine, Lake Kepwari is now a major tourist hotspot located close to the town of Collie, 200km south-east of Perth. A total of $5.8 million has been invested to keep up with demand from Collie locals and tourists to the region, so visitors can continue to enjoy water-based recreational activities and memorable camping experiences.

The new facilities at Lake Kepwari are part of the larger $26 million infrastructure investment by the State Government in parks and forests in the Collie region. This investment emphasises the government’s commitment to diversifying the Collie economy and ensuring the town prospers into the future.

What’s new

Construction of the facilities around Lake Kepwari commenced December 2019 and was completed January 2023. These new amenities include improved road access, parking facilities with accessible parking bays, picnic facilities on both the eastern and northern lakeshores with accessible paths, barbecue shelters and toilets, a new campground and better access to boating and water-based activities. 

David Ugle and Mick Murray Campgrounds

Lake Kepwari is a popular camping spot due to its expansive water views and water-based recreational activities. The addition of the David Ugle Campground includes 32 new sites increasing the total number of camp sites available at Lake Kepwari to 53. David Ugle Campground acknowledges David Ugle and his work in the open-cut mine and subsequent contribution and commitment to rehabilitating the area. The eastern campground has been renamed to Mick Murray to acknowledge the former local Member’s contribution to the development of Lake Kepwari.