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Park Feature - Mundy Regional Park

The 56-hectare Mundy Regional Park has commanding views of the Swan Coastal Plain as well as the Perth city skyline. Located on the western edge of the Darling Scarp, the park has an extensive network of walk trails for all abilities. 

  • By Lauren Cabrera
  • 31st January, 2024

This article appeared in LANDSCOPE magazine Summer 2022/23.

During the early days of settlement, Mundy was one of the most important and successful negotiators for Perth’s Whadjuk community. The Beelu people hunted tortoises in the Mundy Swamp area, carrying them to higher ground in the east for cooking and eating.

The regional park is located approximately 22 kilometres east of Perth, and while adjacent to Lesmurdie Falls National Park, it is home to the famous Lesmurdie Falls, one of the more spectacular waterfalls on the Darling Range escarpment.

Picnicker's paradise

Mundy Regional Park is a treasure hunt of picnic areas. Throughout the network of small walk trails there is a plethora of picturesque, seemingly hidden, picnic spots. Some areas have established picnic tables such as the Lower Lesmurdie Falls picnic area and plenty of resting spots as nature provides an array of rocky outcrops or fallen logs running alongside flowing streams.

The mid-way turnaround point at the popular Whistlepipe Gully Walk provides stunning views at a granite outcrop perfect for a picnic blanket. Classic Darling Scarp country.

Or after hiking down to the base of Lesmurdie Falls, visitors can hike back up the steep but narrow karri–hazel–lined trail. The surrounding valley and the falls down below can be admired from the lookout before kicking on to explore the beautiful wandoo woodlands.

Walk trails

Mundy Regional Park has an extensive network of short walk trails with panoramic views for people of varying abilities. Picturesque views of the Perth city skyline, Swan Coastal Plain and surrounding valley can be seen from multiple vantage points.

The five-kilometre Xanthorrhoea Trail is surrounded by native grass trees, or balga with a mix of challenging climbs and descents.

As you reach Whistlepipe Gully, the blooming wattle will greet you and you’ll be immediately immersed in natural beauty. Following the gully’s edge past cascades and small waterfalls, the scenery on this trail is spectacular and made all the more better by the ambience of the trickling water, paper-bark trees and wildflowers. The short walk is popular for dog walking and can get busy on weekends.

Whistlepipe Gully passes the rambling ruins of a mysterious house. Designed by a local architect in the 1960s, the Japanese-style home came complete with a water wheel.

Come in springtime to enjoy wildflowers, small cascades and babbling brooks.

And finally, Lesmurdie Falls in the wetter months has spectacularly big cascades of water. In the drier months you can still enjoy stunning views over the Swan Coastal Plain. There’s a lookout platform a short walk from the picnic area and several walk trails to choose from.

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  • Where is it? 22 kilometres east of Perth
  • Total area: 56 hectares
  • Recreation activities: Walking, sightseeing, photography, nature observation including birdwatching
  • Trails information: Visit Mundy Regional Park or Trails WA for more information about the walk trails in Mundy Regional Park
  • Nearest Parks and Wildlife Service office: Regional Parks Unit, Swan Region, (08) 9443 0300
Walking the dog on a leash in Mundy Regional Park

Lesmurdie Falls