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Things to Do - Find yourself a Trail Town or Trail Destination

  • By Rod Annear
  • 28th December, 2022

Western Australia is going through an unprecedented interest and growth in trail use and development. People are getting out on trails in big numbers and new trails are being built to accommodate this demand. With more and more people getting out and enjoying nature and reaping the health benefits of trails, trails tourism is bringing people and economic activity into regional areas of Western Australia.

Local communities are gearing up to better service trail users by positioning themselves as Trail Towns. Trails WA has worked with partners to develop a Trail Town Accreditation Process to acknowledge towns who have met high standards in trails and supporting business and infrastructure. So far, no towns that have completed the Trail Town Accreditation process, and while they work through that process, they are still great trail destinations to visit.

So, what is a Trail Town?

A Trail Town is a population centre which has been assessed and accredited as a destination for its trails through the provision of high quality:

  • Trails (single or mixed use);
  • Outdoor experiences that encourage extended visitation;
  • Trail-user related facilities and services (including accommodation);
  • Trail-related businesses; and
  • Trail branding and signage.

What is a Trail Centre?

There are also Trail Centres, which are a managed multiple trail facility with dedicated visitor services supported by high quality:

  • Trails (single or mixed use)
  • Outdoor experiences that encourage single
  • day visitation
  • Trail-user related services
  • Trail branding and signage

A Trail Centre can stand alone in an individual location or may be positioned within a Trail Town.

And, a Trail Network?

Finally, there are Trail Networks which are a multiple trail facility with limited or no visitor services, supported by high quality:

  • Trails (single or mixed use)
  • Outdoor experiences that encourage single
  • or part day visitation
  • Trail branding and signage

A Trail Network may be a stand-alone facility or form part of a Trail Town or Trail Centre.

Top Trail Destinations To visit

If you are looking for a great trail experience, give the following trail destinations a try.

Dwellingup – Dwellingup Adventure Trails

Cool forests, flowing rivers great hiking, mountain biking, paddling, horse riding, drive trails and amazing camping combine to make Dwellingup an ideal trail destination. Dwellingup is around a one-hour drive from Perth and perfect for a day or weekend getaway. Start your visit at the Dwellingup Trails and Visitor Centre in the heart of town. Here you can pick up maps, advice equipment and food to get you on the trail. There are lots of options for trail experiences, starting right in town. For everything you need to know go to Trails WA – Dwellingup Trail Destination or check out the Visit Dwellingup website.

Collie – Wambenger Trails

With diverse trails, pristine lakes and waterways and relaxing river pools, Wambenger Trails in and around Collie allow you to reconnect with nature and to soak in Collie’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Only 2 hours from Perth, the Wambenger Trails are putting Collie on the map as a hot new visitor destination. There are multiple new mountain bike trail networks near town and in Wellington National Park, paddling trails, a new 5 day walk trail around Wellington Dam and the wonderful Collie Mural Trail with the massive Wellington Dam Mural as its centrepiece. Collie is surprising visitors with its wonderful natural attractions, welcoming community and supporting accommodation and businesses. Find out all you need to know to plan you visit to Collie’s Wambenger trails by checking out Trails WA Collie Trail Destination or go to the Collie River Valley website. You can also download the Wambenger trails app for web, Apple and Android


Albany is a world class hikers paradise with its stunning coastline, pristine national parks and reserves and proximity to one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth. Supported by world class wine, food, accommodation, fishing, surfing, swimming, diving and more – you will be spoilt for choice. Albany is about 4.5 hours drive south of Perth, but the trip is worth it to experience some of WA’s best walk and hiking trails. The recently refurbished Bald Head walk trail is one of Australia’s great day walks and the nearby Porongurup National Park offers a range of easy to challenging hikes including the Castle Rock walk trail. While in Albany there are lots of things to do off the trail, such as a visit to the National Anzac Centre or Albany’s Historic Whaling Station. You can also visit Misery Beach, voted Australia’s best beach in 2022 (but just quietly, there are many just as good beaches nearby!). To plan your Albany trail visit go to Trails WA Albany Trail Destination or check out Amazing Albany