Dampier Public Boat Ramp Information Bay Area

The covered public information shelter near the boat ramp displays maps of Hampton Harbour and Dampier Archipelago. Information panels describe this beautiful area and provide other important information for visitors.

Rosemary Island

Dampier Archipelago

Rosemary Island, in the Dampier Archipelago, is a great place for a day visit to snorkel, fish, wander along the beach and bird watch.

Angel Island

Angel Island attracts many visitors who enjoy fishing, snorkelling and self-sufficient camping.

Collier Rocks

Collier Rocks is one of the islands of the Dampier Archipelago. It is situated about 33km north east of Dampier and, like many of the islands in this area, provides great opportunities for bird watching, fishing, diving and self-sufficient camping. 

Malus Island

Malus Island is one of a number of islands in the Dampier Archipelago that provides picnic areas for day visits and camping areas located in specially marked zones. You must be fully self-sufficient. 

Dolphin Island

Dampier Archipelago

An interesting place for birdwatching with good fishing, swimming and self-sufficient camping for up to five days at a time. 

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Gidley Island

The islands of the Dampier Archipelago, including Gidley, are perfect for diving, snorkelling, beach combing, fishing and self-sufficient camping.

East Lewis Island

The Archipelago supports the largest hawksbill turtle rookery in the Indo-Pacific region, one of the largest in the world. You can also enjoy swimming, snorkelling, fishing and self-sufficient camping for up to five days. 

West Lewis Island

European and Aboriginal history can be seen on this island which is also great for fishing, snorkelling, swimming and camping.

Enderby Island

Enderby Island is a great place to explore, but please respect its beauty and keep it pristine. It is one of the larger islands where self-sufficient camping is permitted for up to five days. 


Eaglehawk Island

Eaglehawk Island is off the coast, west of Dampier and provides good snorkelling and diving and self-sufficient camping. It is a small island about two kilometres long and one kilometre wide.

Delambre Island

As with many islands within the Dampier Archipelago there is good snorkelling and diving and self-sufficient camping. 

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