Monkey Mia Boat Ramp

Monkey Mia

The boat ramp at Monkey Mia provides easy access to the waters of Shark Bay Marine Park. Please do not feed the dolphins.

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Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience

Monkey Mia

Daily dolphin viewing experiences are among one of the many activities you can do at Monkey Mia.

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Shark Bay Kayak Trail

110 kilometres

A five day sea kayak trail exploring the spectacular coastline of Shark Bay. Great for experienced paddlers, this trail follows the shoreline to explore remote beaches. The clear, shallow waters providing a window into the abundant sea life below.

Wulyibidi Yaninyina Trail

Bush Walk
2.5 kilometres

For nature lovers, choose from three hiking trail options packed with attractions. The shortest trail has a boardwalk and lookout at 550m from Monkey Mia. You will experience the white sandy near coastal area, the sharply contrasting red sand dunes, and the beach area. Shrub land and foreshore birds are abundant.

Drive trails

Shark Bay World Heritage Drive

Drive (2WD)
160 kilometres

Shark Bay is the most western point of the coast of Australia and is made up of two peninsulas jutting out into the Indian Ocean. The 160 kilometre Shark Bay World Heritage Drive runs between the Overlander Roadhouse on the NW Coastal Hwy to Monkey Mia, where a pod of dolphins have made their home and freely interact with visitors.    

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