Pinnacles Desert Lookout and Drive

Thousands of huge limestone pillars rise from a stark landscape of yellow sand to form one of Australia’s most intriguing landscapes.

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Pinnacles Desert Discovery

Stop in at the discovery centre to see displays, soundscapes, videos and objects that explain the geology of the pinnacles' formations and the cultural and natural heritage values of the area.

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Lake Thetis

Fascinating structures called stromatolites at Lake Thetis provide insights into what life was like at the dawn of time.

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Kangaroo Point

An idyllic beach popular for shore fishing and boating.

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Hangover Bay

With its wide sweep of sandy beach, Hangover Bay offers good snorkelling, swimming, windsurfing and surfing in the Jurien Bay Marine Park .

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Grey is a great beach area for swimming and fishing on the Nambung National Park coast, south of the Pinnacles.

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Pinnacles Desert Lookout and Drive Trail

Bush Walk
4.3 kilometres

A 4.5 km drive trail, winding its way through the amazing limestone structures that create the strange, other world environment that is the Pinnacles Desert.  

Desert View Walk Trail

Bush Walk
1.6 kilometres

A short 1.6 km, fairly easy walk through the Pinnacles Desert.

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