Madfish Bay

A beautiful beach and a haven for birdlife, welcome to Madfish Bay.

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Greens Pool

Famous for its turquoise green waters, Greens Pool is one of Australia's most iconic beaches that should be on everyone's bucket list!

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Elephant Rocks

No, there aren't real elephants here, but there are huge granite boulders that resemble a herd of elephants lumbering out to sea, known as Elephant Rocks.

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Lights Beach

One of the many beautiful beaches in the area, Light's Beach is located just east of William Bay National Park near Denmark.

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Waterfall Beach

In the winter months you can see a freshwater stream cascading onto the white sands of Waterfall Beach.

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Mazzoletti Beach

Mazzoletti Beach is a hot spot for fishing, surfing and four-wheel driving.

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A short but scenic walk trail links Greens Pool to Elephant Cove via the granite headland separating the two beaches.

Take a walk along the beach at Greens Pool to the end of the rocks where it turns into Mazzoletti Beach, or keep following the long beach all the way to Parry Beach.

Two long-distance trails, the Bibbulmun Track for hikers and the Munda Biddi Trail for mountain bike riders, both go through William Bay National Park.

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