Lake Goollelal

A well developed network of walk trails and shared paths provide access to many of the parks most enjoyable settings.

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Yellagonga Scenic Lookout

Situated between Lakeside Drive and the Lake in an area of zamia, marri, tuarts and Jacksonia, this is Yellagonga's best scenic lookout point.

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Perrys Paddock

This open area was originally used for horse racing in the 1920’s. There are many walking and cycling paths around the park. 

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Duffy Terrace

Take a bushwalk and explore the native marri, banksia and casuarina.

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Beenyup Park

A network of walk trails and shared paths through open woodland to Beenyup Swamp, Perry's Paddock and Lake Joondalup.

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Pine Forest

The Yellagonga Pine Forest is one of the original pine seed orchards for Western Australia's pine plantations.

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Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail

Bush Walk
28 kilometres

This 28 kilometre one way trail is based on the movement of Yellagonga and his people between Lake Joondalup and Yanchep. It can be completed in sections. It extends from Neil Hawkins Park in the south to Yanchep National Park in the north, traversing tuart and banksia woodland, coastal heath and former wetlands.