Hamersley Inlet picnic area and campground is 1.1km from beautiful Hamersley Beach via a sandy walk track across the dunes through woodland thickets with occasional views of the inlet.

Access to the Hakea Walk Trail

Hamersley Inlet Picnic Area is the easternmost 2WD accessible access point for the 23km Hakea Walk Trail. The walk track mentioned above connects with the Hakea Trail at Hamersley Beach. From there it is 11km to the end of the trail at Cave Point to the west, 11km to Whalebone Campround to the east, or 17km to the easternmost end of the trail at Quoin Head.

Hakea Walk Trail

Bush Walk
23 kilometres

The Hakea Trail is a 23 kilometre spectacular and rugged coastal walk trail in the East Fitzgerald National Park.  It starts at the Cave Point car park and extends westward to Quoin Head.  However, the trail can be accessed at several points along its route. The trail has markers bearing the Royal Hakea.

Hamersley Inlet Trail

Bush Walk
1.7 kilometres

The Hamersley Inlet Trail is a 1.7km walk trail within Fitzgerald River National Park. It follows the bank of the inlet until you reach Hamersley where it intersects with the Hakea Walk Trail.