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Adventure Trail Towns

The south-west towns of Collie and Dwellingup have now been transformed into world-class trail towns.

  • By Rod Annear
  • 3rd April, 2022

Existing trails in the area have been expanded into networks of new trails and facilities that will showcase the area’s natural landscapes and cultural heritage, and make a significant economic contribution to the region. Now, over 150 kilometres of new single-track mountain bike trails, and new walking and canoeing opportunities are waiting to be explored. 

Collie Adventure Trails

Located 213km from Perth’s CBD and 60km from Bunbury, Collie has always been popular for adventure - camping, water skiing and outdoor activities. Collie’s topography and landscape provide mountain bike riders and walkers with an array of areas to enjoy and challenges to tackle. The spectacular Collie River, which stretches from the town through Westralia Conservation Park and Wellington National Park, along with imposing granite outcrops, lush vegetation, and steep and varied natural features, together create an ideal foundation on which to experience the new world-class trail network. 

Pack the mountain bike and book yourself a campsite at one of the campgrounds in Wellington National Park.

To find out more visit the WA Trails Projects website

Dwellingup Adventure Trails

The picturesque town of Dwellingup is within easy driving distance from Perth and Mandurah making it an ideal location for day trip and overnight adventure activities for families, trail enthusiasts and international event participants. Dwellingup is already recognised for adventure tourism receiving in excess of 250,000 visitors a year, 80% of whom camp at the popular Lane Poole Reserve and are focused on family-oriented outdoor nature experiences. There is a range of walking, mountain biking, four-wheel drive and canoe trails in the area as well as the internationally recognised Munda Biddi Trail and Bibbulmun Track. 

To find out more visit the WA Trails Projects website

People reading the signs at Dwellingup Adventure Trails

Dwellingup Trails and Visitor Centre

Two people sitting on mountain bikes reading the signs at the trail.

Riding on the Wambenger Trails in Collie.

Riding the Wambenger Trails in Collie