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Exploring Collie? You need this app

Explore Collie trails and attractions with the Wambenger app and web browser.

  • By Rachel Hutton
  • 10th March, 2023

Wambenger Trails is the name of the Collie Adventure Trails initiative that is establishing Collie as a premier 'trail adventure town' to attract local, national and international mountain bike and bushwalking tourists.

Collie has always been a popular place for adventure camping, water skiing and outdoor activities. Collie is well on it's way to become home to a world-class network of trails that will guide mountain bike riders and bushwalkers to explore more of the area.

Collie's topography and landscape provide mountain bike riders with an array of areas to enjoy and challenges to tackle. The spectacular Collie River, which stretches from the town to Wellington National Park; imposing granite outcrops; lush vegetation; and steep and varied natural features create an ideal foundation on which to build the world-class trails network.

The Wambenger Trails project will develop new trails and facilities that will showcase the area's natural landscapes and cultural heritage, and make a significant economic contribution to the region.

Wambenger Trails has an app to help you find trails and attractions in and around Collie. The Wambenger Trails app is your go-to guide for discovering all there is to do and see in and around Collie. All the trails, all the attractions in the palm of your hand. Find out where to go, what to see, how to get there, your location, emergency and other useful local information with the Wambenger Trails app. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play or explore the app online



Riding the Wambenger Trails in Collie

View of the Wellington Dam Wall Mural from the lookout

View of the Wellington Dam Wall Mural from the lookout