Yokinup Bay

A huge bay with a long white sand beach, sweeping views to distant peaks, and the possibility of spotting whales.

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Tagon Beach

A beach that is away from the crowds, head to Cape Arid National Park.

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove is one of the best spots in Cape Arid National Park to see migrating southern right and humpback whales.

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Little Tagon Bay

Mount Ragged

Among the mallee scrub and woodlands in this northern part of the park, Mt Ragged offers a sheltered picnic and camping area and the thrill of a summit walk.

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Pine Hill

Cape Arid

Known to the local Aboriginal people as Gauroojeninya. It was discovered in 1874 by the pioneers William and Stephen Ponton and John Sharp. Today all that remains at Pine Hill is a dam, ruins of an oven and travellers’ graves.

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Tagon Coastal Trail

Bush Walk
14 kilometres

Tagon Coastal Trail is a 14 kilometre return moderately difficult walk in Cape Arid National Park. The Tagon Coastal Trail winds through coastal heath and across rocky headlands, providing excellent vantage points for whale watching.

Hill Springs

Bush Walk
500 metres

Hill Springs walk is a 500m return walk to the ruins of the historic Hill Springs. The views from the lookout over the Recherche Archipelago and behind to Mt Arid are spectacular.

Len Otte Nature Trail

Bush Walk
1 kilometre

Len Otte Nature trail is a moderately easy one kilometre loop walk in Cape Arid National Park. This nature trail was designed and established in 1979 by Len Otte, the first resident ranger at Cape Arid National park.  It was the first nature trail in any Western Australian national park and following his unexpected death, was dedicated as a fitting tribute to Len’s achievements and life at the park.

Mount Arid

Bush Walk
4 kilometres

Mt Arid walk trail is located in Cape Arid National Park and can only be accessed via Yokinup Bay. 4WD accessible ONLY. Tides and weather conditions must be consulted before driving on the beach. Spectacular views to the south and west overlooking the Recherché Archipelago. Two kilometre return hike to the summit of Mt Arid.

Mount Ragged Walk Trail

Bush Walk
3 kilometres

Mt Ragged Walk Trail at Cape Arid National Park is an exciting three kilometre return walk and climbing trail to the Tower Peak of Mount Ragged.


Yokinup Mia Mia Campground

The coastal scenery of the Thomas River area, including the long, sweeping beach of Yokinup Bay, is a must see.

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Belinup Campground

Belinup campground is situated near the mouth of the Thomas River within Cape Arid National Park.

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Thomas Fishery Campground

Mount Arid provides a spectacular backdrop to Thomas Fishery where you can camp, fish and explore the area’s rich history.

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Seal Creek Campground

Seal Creek is a popular camping and fishing spot on this wild and scenic section of the south coast.

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Mount Ragged Campground

Amongst the mallee scrub and woodlands in the northern part of the park, Mt Ragged has a sheltered picnic area, campground and the thrill of a summit walk.

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Jorndee Creek Campground

Jorndee Creek is a popular camping and fishing spot near one of the more protected beaches along this wild part of the south coast.

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