Parks within Lesueur National Park

Karda Reserve


The perfect spot to set up camp and explore Lesueur National Park and the surrounding parks. 

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Lesueur Entry Station

Well-marked trails with informative interpretive signs provide an opportunity to get out of the car and explore this wildflower wonderland. A 50m return wheelchair accessible trail starts here.

Lesueur Scenic Drive

The one-way 18.5km loop bitumen scenic drive is a great way to enjoy the park’s many delights. Regular lay-bys provide opportunities to park and enjoy the scenery or take photographs.

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A parking area and the best place to stop for views and to explore trails leading deeper into the bush.

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Cockleshell Gully

Wonderful views across Cockleshell Gully in the heart of the park can be enjoyed from the Lesueur Scenic Drive.

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Yonga Trail

Bush Walk
26 kilometres

The Yonga Walk Trail, open March to November, is a 26km loop trail in Lesueur National Park that leads hikers through hills, valleys and woodlands. Experience the unique and varied wildlife and wildflowers the park has to offer.

Yued Ponar Trail

Bush Walk
6 kilometres

This 6km challenging trail can be accessed from the Cockleshell Gully picnic area off Cockleshell Gully Road.  The trail winds its way through a diverse landscape featuring low heath, small sections of Wandoo woodlands, along winding creek lines and up several short, steep slopes to the top of Mt Peron where you are rewarded with spectacular views of the Lesueur NP, all the way to the Indian Ocean.

Lesueur Trail

Bush Walk
3.5 kilometres

The Lesueur Trail is 3.5 km return and takes past some interesting land formations to the summit of Mt Lesueur in the Lesueur NP. This walk showcases an abundance of wildflowers in spring, many of them unique to the area. You will be rewarded with spectacular views all the way to the Indian Ocean from the summit of the trail.

Gairdner Trail

Bush Walk
1.8 kilometres

Stunning views across to Mt Lesueur, Mt Michaud, down into the gully, out to the ocean and across the park. You can see for miles due to the low heathlands. You will see occasional stands of Wandoo and plenty of birdlife enjoying their space.

Where to stay

The only campground within Lesueur National Park is part of the Yonga Trail. This campground must be booked in advance and can only be used by visitors walking the trail. If you are looking to camp nearby, Karda Campground in Karda Reserve is approximately 20 minutes drive by vehicle. 

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