Parks within Lesueur National Park

Karda Reserve


The perfect spot to set up camp and explore Lesueur National Park and surrounding parks. 

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Lesueur Entry Station

Well-marked trails with informative interpretive signs provide an opportunity to get out of the car and explore this wildflower wonderland. A 50m return wheelchair accessible trail starts here.

Lesueur Scenic Drive

The one-way 18.5km loop bitumen scenic drive is a great way to enjoy the park’s many delights. Regular lay-bys provide opportunities to park and enjoy the scenery or take photographs.

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A parking area and the best place to stop for views and to explore trails leading deeper into the bush.

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Cockleshell Gully

Wonderful views across Cockleshell Gully in the heart of the park can be enjoyed from the Lesueur Scenic Drive.

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Where to stay

There are no campgrounds within Lesueur National Park but Karda Campground in Karda Reserve is very close by.