Stokes Inlet Picnic Area

Two large sheltered picnic areas with running water for washing up (not suitable for drinking) and a barbecue. You can launch canoes or small dinghies from the beach.

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Young River

Young River is one of the main tributary rivers to flow into the Stokes Inlet and is popular with visitors for shore based activities. Young River is located east of the Rangers residence. Camping is not permitted. 

Estuary Mouth

The mouth of Stokes Estuary in the middle of Dunster Castle Bay can be reached via a 3.5km walk trail when water levels allow.

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Torradup Inlet

A small estuary that breaks out to the sea each year. Torradup Inlet is a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing and bird watching and is protected by the winds.

Stokes Information Bay

An information bay with a parking area and self registration facilities for day entry. 

Margaret Cove

A protected cove that is safe for swimming, snorkelling and fishing.

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Moir Homestead Ruins

Interesting ruins of an 1870s homestead just a short distance from the shores of Stokes Inlet.

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Shoal Cape

An attractive fishing and snorkelling spot only accessible by high clearance, four-wheel drive vehicles. Fires are not permitted.


Stokes Heritage Trail

Bush Walk
6.4 kilometres

The 6.4km return Stokes Heritage Trail is in Stokes National Park, 80km west of Esperance. The trail has beautiful vistas overlooking Stokes Inlet. Walkers will also see and learn about the ancient Zamias.



Benwenerup Campground

Benwenerup Campground is nestled on the banks of Stokes Inlet beneath picturesque paperbark trees.

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Fanny Cove Campground

Nestled in coastal heath just metres from the beach, this small campground (only accessible by high clearance four-wheel drive) is very popular for fishing and provides spectacular coastal scenery.

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Skippy Rock Campground - Stokes

Small beachside campground near good fishing spots only accessible by high clearance four-wheel drive.

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