Western Australia has over 12,000km of coastline and offshore islands to explore. Experience the full range from coral reefs and atolls in the tropics to rocky reefs with cool and clear temperate waters in the south.

Many of the best and most accessible places to see both coral and rocky reefs, fish, dolphins, turtles and manta rays can be found in marine parks. The Rowley Shoals, Ningaloo, Jurien Bay and Ngari Capes marine parks, Houtman Abrolhos Islands and Rottnest Island are outstanding places to dive. Stay close to Perth and dive the Marmion and Shoalwater Islands marine parks.

Dive tours, equipment hire and training courses are available in Perth and some of the more popular dive locations. Make sure that you contact dive operators and make bookings well in advance.

If you are not a certified diver but would like to experience some of the Western Australia’s marine life, you can snorkel at all of these marine parks. In fact, whale sharks and humpback whales can only be observed close-up from the deck of a tour boat or in-water in a guided snorkelling group.

Dive trails offer interesting experiences that highlight the local marine life and habitats. They are usually marked with concrete plinths so you can follow the trail and learn as you go. Find information about dive trails at Trails WA.

Divers who are equipped to dive independently need to follow the regulations and safety guidelines of the Department of Transport. They must also know which activities are permitted in the different marine park zones. On commercial tours, divers receive full briefings before entering the water.

To dive safely you will need to be medically fit, always dive with a buddy and dive within the limits of your training. For more information on diving safety see the advice at Safety and Fishing, boating, paddling, snorkelling and diving.

Cape Le Grand National Park

Wild coastal scenery, beaches, bays, and bush walks, life’s grand at Cape Le Grand!

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Cape Range National Park

Raw, natural, nature at its best - Cape Range National Park is part of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area.

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Carnac Island Nature Reserve

Boating, swimming, snorkelling or diving – we think you’ll give this island the seal of approval.

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D'Entrecasteaux National Park

An impressive name for an impressive park - explore huge mobile sand dunes, volcanic rock columns by the sea, see a shipwreck, freshwater lakes and so much more.

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Dampier Archipelago Island Reserves

It’s H2O a-go-go at the Dampier Archipelago! Discover the ultimate playground for water enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Dirk Hartog Island National Park

Just a hop, skip and a jump away. Hop onto the ferry, skip off at the other side and jump into your four-wheel drive. Let the adventure begin! 

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Gnaraloo Coast


Gnaraloo displays the beauty of a contrasting landscape where the desert meets the sea.

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Gull Rock National Park

Walk, swim, fish and surf in a beautiful spot close to Albany.

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Houtman Abrolhos Islands National Park

An abundance of breeding birds and maritime history is a unique experience you will remember and want to share.

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Jurien Bay Marine Park

Dive, snorkel, fish, kite board, surf, swim – you'll have a swell time at this marine park.

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Kalbarri National Park

Venture out onto the Kalbarri Skywalk for panoramic views of Murchison Gorge. We think you’ll agree the sky’s the limit! 

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Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

Mother Nature is seriously showing off with gorgeous sunsets, beaches, peaceful forests, awesome surf-breaks, limestone caves and rugged coastlines.

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