Featured attractions

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk


Explore the ancient giant tingle forest of the Walpole Wilderness and take a walk in the tree tops 40m high above the ground.

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Kalbarri Skywalk


Venture beyond the edge of a 100m drop for spectacular views over Kalbarri National Park.

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Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience

Monkey Mia

Daily dolphin viewing experiences are among one of the many activities you can do at Monkey Mia.

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Hunter River

North Kimberley

The Hunter River is a popular cruise ship destination due to the spectacular rock formation at the river mouth and two large waterfalls that drop 90m.

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Telegraph Hill

Parry Lagoons

Enjoy views over Marglu Billabong, and explore the old telegraph station that was once an important link in maintaining communications between Perth and the rest of the world.

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Parry Creek

Parry Lagoons

The Parry Creek Nature Reserve is listed as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention and is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

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Four Aces

One Tree Bridge

View the four massive karri trees growing in a perfectly straight line. This is the perfect place to enjoy the sights and sounds of the karri forest. Sit quietly and you may be lucky enough to see some of the forest inhabitants such as a splendid fairy-wren, scarlet robin or maybe even a quokka.

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The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

The Goat Farm

Don’t be a silly Billy, hit the hottest trails at The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park. It’s the goat-to place to hone your MTB skills!

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Chapman Pool / Warner Glen

A delightful picnic area, lookout, river pool and campground in the forest at the confluence of Chapman Brook and the Blackwood River.

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Osprey Bay


Swim, snorkel, kayak or just relax on the beach. Book a campsite, or just visit for the day.

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Maamboolbadda King Cascade

Prince RegentLalang-gaddam

Spectacular waterfall on the Malandoom Prince Regent River where water cascades over terraced rock formations. It is accessible by boat from the Lalang-gaddam Marine Park.

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Mermaid Tree

Prince Regent

The National Heritage listed boab tree at Careening Bay was inscribed by a carpenter on Phillip Parker King’s survey expedition in 1820.

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Mount Dale Picnic Area


A picnic area in the bush at Mount Dale, along the Mount Dale Circuit walk trail.

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Miners Picnic Area

Stop for a picnic amongst the wildflowers of Coalseam Conservation Park, explore the riverbed and an old mine shaft, and walk the Plateau Loop Trail.

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Dolphin Island

An interesting place for birdwatching with good fishing, swimming and self-sufficient camping for up to five days at a time. 

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