Featured attractions

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk


Explore the ancient giant tingle forest of the Walpole Wilderness and take a walk in the tree tops 40m high above the ground.

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Kalbarri Skywalk


Venture beyond the edge of a 100m drop for spectacular views over Kalbarri National Park.

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Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience

Monkey Mia

Daily dolphin viewing experiences are among one of the many activities you can do at Monkey Mia.

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Greater Beedelup

Part of the Karri Forest Explorer. There is a shelter with information about the fight to keep the Giblett area from being logged.

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Boyagin Rock


Boyagin Rock is an imposing outcrop which has been cracked and pitted by weathering.

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Mount Brown


Spectacular views of the surrounding Lake Mount Brown and Cockburn Sound are available from the lookout at the top of Mount Brown.

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Hidden Valley

Steep, broken walls of rock come alive as they reflect the tones of changing light. Follow the 400m return Looking at Plants Nature Trail and learn about their use by the Miriwoong People. 

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Lennard River Gorge


Enjoy the views of the falls created by the Lennard River slicing its way through the Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges.

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Moolgoodna (Booby Island)

North Lalang-garram

Moolgoodna (Booby Island) has been identified by the Western Australian Museum as an ecological hotspot and supports more than 1% of the world’s population of brown boobies, with up to 2000 breeding pairs. About 500 pairs of crested terns also nest on the island.

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Widgingarra Butt Butt (Freshwater Cove)

Lalang-garram / Camden Sound

Accessible only by accessible only by seaplane, helicopter and boat!

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Walcott Inlet

Lalang-garram / Horizontal Falls

Spectacular tidal currents and whirlpools, sandstone escarpments and gorges, lagoons visited by waterbirds, lush rainforest patches and waterlily-dotted pools are features of Walcott Inlet.

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King George Falls

North Kimberley

The King George River plunges into tidal waters over sandstone cliffs 100m high to form Western Australia’s highest twin waterfalls.

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Reveley Island

North Kimberley

Reveley Island is located off the North Kimberley coast between Buckle Head and Cape Lambert.

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Hunter River

North Kimberley

The Hunter River is a popular cruise ship destination due to the spectacular rock formation at the river mouth and two large waterfalls that drop 90m.

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Telegraph Hill

Parry Lagoons

Enjoy views over Marglu Billabong, and explore the old telegraph station that was once an important link in maintaining communications between Perth and the rest of the world.

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