Discover the many multi-day bushwalk trails in Western Australia's parks. Trails like the Bibbumun Track, Cape to Cape, Mamang, Hakea, Wiilman Bilya, Yonga and Coastal Plains are overnight or longer. 

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Long trails in Western Australia

Bibbulmun Track

Explore the 1003km walk trail through some of the best scenery of the Experience Perth and South West regions.

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Munda Biddi Trail

Adventure out on this 1000km cycle trail along purpose-built trail, forest tracks and roads in the Experience Perth and South West regions.

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Cape to Cape Track

Discover the 130km coastal walk trail between the lighthouses at the capes for which Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in the South West region is named.

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Trails in WA Parks

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Swarbrick Jetty To Walpole River

6 kilometres

Set out on an easy paddle across the Walpole Inlet and up the Walpole River. This is a great place to go bird spotting or to enjoy the lush, riverine scenery.

Rest Point to Walpole River

5 kilometres

This is a short, easy paddle that is perfect for beginners. The Walpole River is the smallest of the three rivers that flow into the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park and has lush riparian vegetation.

Rest Point to Sealers Cove

4.5 kilometres

Why not combine a paddle with a walk? Paddle through the channel between the Knolls, past Newdegate Island to Sealers Cove. Follow the walk trail for 1.5 kilometres through peppermint groves and jarrah forest to the rugged beauty of Circus Beach.

Rest Point to Deep River

9.5 kilometres

Set aside a day to paddle up the Deep River - a pristine waterway with ‘Wild River’ status. The Deep River is an untouched waterway that shelters a wide range of plant and animal life. It runs at least 90km from its source and empties into the Nornalup Inlet.

Coalmine Beach To Rest Point

3 kilometres

Paddle from Coalmine Beach on the northern shore of the Nornalup Inlet, through the channel between the inlets to the Walpole Inlet and Rest Point. Along the way, you’ll pass the karri clad Knolls that stand on either side of the channel.

Coalmine Beach to Nornalup

9 kilometres

Paddle from the tranquil Coalmine Beach on the Nornalup Inlet up Kwakoorillup Beela (the Frankland River) to the sleepy hamlet of Nornalup. You’ll paddle past low lying areas of melaleucas and rushes before feeling dwarfed by the towering karri trees of the Walpole Nornalup National Park as you get closer to Nornalup.

Walpole Town Jetty To Walpole River

5 kilometres

This is the smallest of the three rivers that flow into the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park. It has lush riparian vegetation and its sheltered waters provides safe, easy paddling for beginners and excellent opportunities for bird spotting.

Walpole Town Jetty to Deep River

10.5 kilometres

Set aside a day to paddle up the Deep River - a pristine waterway with ‘Wild River’ status. The river narrows as you paddle upstream through the Walpole Nornalup National Park. This area is home to many native species such as possums, quokkas and rakali.

Walpole Town Jetty To Coalmine Beach

4 kilometres

Coalmine Beach is on the northern shore of the Nornalup Inlet and the calm, shallow water is perfect for swimming. it was named for the shallow seam of coal in the nearby cliffs.

Nornalup to Monastery Landing

5 kilometres

This paddle takes you to what is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the Walpole Wilderness. Monastery Landing is known as the birthplace of Walpole Nornalup National Park.

Yoorrnging Geranyem Banan Trail

Bush Walk
3.5 kilometres

The 3.5 kilometre loop Yoorrnging Geranyem Banan (Painting on Rocks Trail) is located in the ruggedly beautiful Mirima National Park. Situated on the outskirts of Kununurra, it's easily the most accessible National Park in the East Kimberley, with this trail taking you deep into the sandstone range of Miriwoong country. It is a moderately difficult walk with a ladder, stairs and uneven rock surfaces and short climbs and descents.

Kokerbin Rock Circuit

Bush Walk
2.8 kilometres

Kokerbin Circuit Trail is a 2.8km walk trail. This trail is a short moderate walk that circles half of Kokerbin Rock from the main car park to the Historic Well car park. 

Kokerbin Rock Summit Trail

Bush Walk
2 kilometres

Kokerbin Rock Summit Trail is a 2km return trail in the Kokerbin Nature Reserve. From the top of the rock, adventurers can experience amazing and uninterrupted views of the surrounding towns and fields of the Wheatbelt.    

Coastal Survivors Walk

Bush Walk
7.2 kilometres

The Coastal Survivors Walk is a 7.2km (return) walk in the D'Entrecasteaux National Park. This trail links the Pupalong Loop Walk, Point D'Entrecasteaux Lookout and Windy Harbour Township.

Cliff Top Walk

Bush Walk
3.4 kilometres


Mountain Bike
830 metres

An easy 830m green downhill trail departing from the Dwellingup South Trailhead back onto the Munda Biddi.


Mountain Bike
2.2 kilometres

This pacey, flowy trail bares off from Marrinup Circuit and links back to the start of Ripper and the end of Whistler.

Marrinup Circuit

Mountain Bike
8 kilometres

Meander through some of Australia’s oldest rocks, which are more often exposed on this part of the Darling Scarp near Dwellingup, south of Perth.