Discover the many multi-day bushwalk trails in Western Australia's parks. Trails like the Bibbumun Track, Cape to Cape, Mamang, Hakea, Wiilman Bilya, Yonga and Coastal Plains are overnight or longer. 

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Long trails in Western Australia

Bibbulmun Track

Explore the 1003km walk trail through some of the best scenery of the Experience Perth and South West regions.

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Munda Biddi Trail

Adventure out on this 1000km cycle trail along purpose-built trail, forest tracks and roads in the Experience Perth and South West regions.

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Cape to Cape Track

Discover the 130km coastal walk trail between the lighthouses at the capes for which Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in the South West region is named.

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Trails in WA Parks

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Coastal Survivors Walk

Bush Walk
7.2 kilometres

The Coastal Survivors Walk is a 7.2km (return) walk in the D'Entrecasteaux National Park. This trail links the Pupalong Loop Walk, Point D'Entrecasteaux Lookout and Windy Harbour Township.

Cliff Top Walk

Bush Walk
3.4 kilometres


Mountain Bike
830 metres

An easy 830m green downhill trail departing from the Dwellingup South Trailhead back onto the Munda Biddi.


Mountain Bike
2.2 kilometres

This pacey, flowy trail bares off from Marrinup Circuit and links back to the start of Ripper and the end of Whistler.

Marrinup Circuit

Mountain Bike
8 kilometres

Meander through some of Australia’s oldest rocks, which are more often exposed on this part of the Darling Scarp near Dwellingup, south of Perth. 

Kylie Trail

Mountain Bike
10 kilometres

An easy 10 kilometre fun-flowing mountain bike trail through Westralia Conservation Park, with a 300 metre technical moderate alternate line offering riders the chance to test their descending skills. 

Petroglyph Trail

Bush Walk
200 metres

This short return hike has some steps and unstable loose rocks. A moderate slope leads you to petroglyphs on a rock wall where you can quietly observe without touching these Wajarri symbols.

Lime Kiln Lake Trail

Bush Walk
1.4 kilometres

Lime Kiln Lake Trail is a 1.4 kilometre return walk in the Yalgorup National Park. This gentle grade 1 trail takes walkers from the original lime kiln used during a short-lived commercial lime venture in the early 1920s, through peppermint and melaleuca trees and the former lime marl settling ponds to the edge of Lake Clifton.

Caves Walk Trail, Yanchep

Bush Walk
4.5 kilometres

The Caves Walk Trail is a five kilometre loop walk within the Yanchep National Park. This trail takes you past Crystal Cave where you can discover how limestone caves are formed and hear about their colourful history on guided tour. Tours can be booked at the McNess House Visitor Centre before you start our walk.

Hamersley Inlet Trail

Bush Walk
1.7 kilometres

The Hamersley Inlet Trail is a 1.7km walk trail within Fitzgerald River National Park. It follows the bank of the inlet until you reach Hamersley where it intersects with the Hakea Walk Trail.

Carey Brook Walk Trail

Bush Walk
2.5 kilometres

Carey Brook Walk Trail is a 2.5 kilometre long trail within the Hawke National Park. It offers visitors a vehicle-based camping opportunity tucked away under the peppermint trees, whilst visiting Goblin Swamp, Carey Brook and Grasstree Hollow.

Mount Burnett Trail

Bush Walk
1 kilometre

The Mount Burnett Trail is a one kilometre loop trail through Mount Frankland South National Park. It offers views of the surrounding Jarrah forest and a great place to stop when travelling between Walpole and Manjimup.

Heathlands Walk Trail

Bush Walk
5 kilometres

The Heathland Walk Trail is a 5 kilometre loop trail in the Yalgorup National Park. The trail contains a gentle climb over a limestone ridge to a lookout with views of Lake Preston and then through a tunnel of tress right to the waters edge.

Peak Charles Trail

Bush Walk
3.2 kilometres

The Peak Charles Trail is a 3.2km return trail in the Peak Charles National Park. From the summit hikers can see 50 kilometres in all directions, with sweeping views of the surrounding Frank Hann National Park.

Peak Head Track

Bush Walk
4.8 kilometres

Peak Head Track is in the spectacular Torndirrup National Park near Albany. The almost five kilometre return walk follows a sandy track that winds through thick coastal scrub and granite walls.  You are rewarded for your efforts by spectacular views of the Southern Ocean.

Oakford Bridle Trails

25 kilometres

Oakford Bridle Trails is a 25 kilometre network that meanders through Oakford bushlands and surrounding rural areas. Access beautiful riding land and get to know the trails and roads to create your own loops and routes that suit you and your riding buddies.

Ochre Trail

Bush Walk
5 kilometres

Discover the Aboriginal heritage of Dryandra on this 5 kilometre loop walk, with interpretive signs explaining aspects of the local Noongar culture, including an ochre pit. The trail meanders through beautiful stands of wandoo and passes the site of an old fire tower.

Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trails

Bush Walk
37 kilometres

The Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trails combine to form the 37 km Timberline Loop. You can choose a half day mountain bike ride or 2 day hiking trip, camping out along the way, following the path of wood powered steam driven locomotives from the forest to the Barrabup Mill and later Nannup Mill.