Discover the many multi-day bushwalk trails in Western Australia's parks. Trails like the Bibbumun Track, Cape to Cape, Mamang, Hakea, Wiilman Bilya, Yonga and Coastal Plains are overnight or longer. 

Learn about staying safe on trails by planning and preparing before you go in our Safety section of this website.

Long trails in Western Australia

Bibbulmun Track

Explore the 1003km walk trail through some of the best scenery of the Experience Perth and South West regions.

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Munda Biddi Trail

Adventure out on this 1000km cycle trail along purpose-built trail, forest tracks and roads in the Experience Perth and South West regions.

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Cape to Cape Track

Discover the 130km coastal walk trail between the lighthouses at the capes for which Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park in the South West region is named.

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Trails in WA Parks

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Horny Devil

Mountain Bike
2 kilometres

This trail strikes the almost perfect balance of flow and rewards for correct line selection. Not too tight and twisty, not too open. You wind up speed before exiting with a big grin.

Handrail Pool

Bush Walk
1.5 kilometres

The 1.5km return Handrail Pool trail in Weano Gorge starts as a fairly easy walk but becomes quite challenging with climbing involved to get down into Handrail Pool including steep cliffs and narrow walking passages.  Be prepared to get wet and see Australia’s beauty at its best.

Harewood Walk Trail

Bush Walk
1.2 kilometres

Harewood Walk Trail 1.2 kilometres return walk through a tranquil area, including scents of eucalyptus, the sound of birds, and magnificent Karri trees.  Informative signs along the way interpret Denmark’s history as well as the flora within the area.

Heartbreak Drive Trail

Drive (2WD)
12 kilometres

This 12 km one-way gravel road loops in an anticlockwise direction, through magnificent karri forest from Old Vasse Road down to the Warren River at Heartbreak Crossing. Please note, Google directions will send you the wrong way, please follow signage and follow the one-way loop in an anticlockwise direction from Old Vasse Road. 

Helena Pipehead Walk

Bush Walk
5.2 kilometres

A moderately easy 5.2km loop walk through Beelu National Park in the Perth Hills, with lovely views of Helena River and the valley’s wandoo woodland, leading to a beautiful outlook of the Lower Helena Pipehead Dam. Beautiful orchids flourish during Western Australia’s popular wildflower season.

Henderson Cliffs Walk Trail

Bush Walk
300 metres

A short 300 metre loop walk to see some interesting limestone cliffs along Cockburn Sound in the Beeliar Regional Park.  A short section (100m) of the trail, from the carpark to the lookout, is sealed and wheelchair accessible.

Herdsman Loop and Olive Seymour Boardwalk

Urban Walk
8 kilometres

Walk the eight kilometres around Herdsman Lake and enjoy one of the best bird watching areas not far from Perth City. There are over 100 species of birds recorded at the lake, some of which have come from the other side of the world.  To make things even better, take a detour and include the impressive Olive Seymour Boardwalk on your circuit .


Mountain Bike
1.3 kilometres

A climb on the way back to the Black Stump

Grizzly Trail

Mountain Bike
6 kilometres

The challenging Grizzly Trail starts on Lennard Road and meanders through six kilometres of jarrah forest adjacent to Pile road.  This blue trail is narrow with obstacles and technical features for those who are up for the challenge.

Hakea Walk Trail

Bush Walk
23 kilometres

The Hakea Trail is a 23 kilometre spectacular and rugged coastal walk trail in the East Fitzgerald National Park.  It starts at the Cave Point car park and extends westward to Quoin Head.  However, the trail can be accessed at several points along its route. The trail has markers bearing the Royal Hakea.

Hamersley Gorge Walk

Bush Walk
1 kilometre

This is a dramatic gorge, full of colour texture and reflections and a great spot for a swim. Hamersley Gorge is in the north-west of Karijini, further afield than the other gorges. Swirls of rock sweep down through the gorge and waterfalls rush into tranquil pools. There have been improvements to the site including sealed road access to the lower car park, a new constructed lookout, toilet and various infrastructure items.

Hancock Gorge (with Kermits Pool)

Bush Walk
1.5 kilometres

For the fit and adventurous the Hancock Gorge Trail is one of the most spectacular short trails in Western Australia.  Whilst it’s a short 400 metres return,  suggested time to take on this trail is 80 minutes which gives a clue to its Class 5 level.

Gorge Walk

Bush Walk
8 kilometres

The Gorge Trail follows the long languid pools and sandy riverbed of the Lennard River. It is one of the best locations to see numerous freshwater crocodiles sunning themselves on the sandy riverbed. The river cuts through the Napier Range, where the ancient Devonian Reef is clearly evident.  This 8km return trail is undulating and sandy in parts.


Mountain Bike
400 metres

Heading back towards the Black Stump car park. Gottysnobble is a twisty little track with flat corners.

Great Forest Trees Drive

Drive (2WD)
48 kilometres

Great Forest Trees Drive is a self-guided, 50 kilometre drive that winds its way through spectacular old-growth karri, jarrah and marri forest in Shannon National Park .  There are several stops along the way where you can stretch your legs, have a picnic or just enjoy the views.

Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail

Drive (2WD)
650 kilometres

The Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail takes you to WA’s Eastern Goldfields, rich in gold, history and scenery, revealing the story of a unique engineering feat. Travel on the old Goldfields Road along which fortune seekers rushed in the 1890s.


Mountain Bike
4.7 kilometres

With more twists and turns than Goldilocks hair this feels like a mini downhill run with berms, rocks and jumps before the junction to Muffin Tops or Three Bears.

Corella Trail

Bush Walk
500 metres

The 500m return Corella Trail follows the south bank of tranquil Cattle Pool has some steps and slippery surfaces. Look and listen for corellas and other birds in their natural habitat. This is an important site to the Wajarri Aboriginal people. Please remain on the designated trail.