Kraskers Tank

Just off the main Peron track, there is some information about the pastoral history of the area.

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Peron Homestead Precinct

Historic site with a small interpretive centre, walk trail and ‘hot tub’, where visitors can soak in the hot artesian waters on the former Peron Station.

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Francois Peron Entry Station

Remember to stop at the entry station for park information and to pay the entry fee before driving into the park. If you travel past the Peron Heritage Precinct you should reduce your tyre pressure and remember to reinflate your tyres when returning to two-wheel drive roads.

Cattle Well

Attractive sandy bay great for beach walking and beach fishing.

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Cape Peron - Francois Peron

View marine animals from the top of plunging red sea cliffs, and photograph a coastal landscape with striking colour contrasts.

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Skipjack Point Lookout

See spectacular marine wildlife from two viewing platforms perched on the cliff edge with views over Shark Bay Marine Park.

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Wanamalu Trail

Bush Walk
3.6 kilometres

Located between Skipjack Point and Cape Peron in Francois Peron National Park this 3.6km return walk offers excellent views of the area’s abundant marine life from the cliff top. Striking red sand cliffs provide great photographic opportunities.

Big Lagoon Paddle Trail

17 kilometres

Big Lagoon in Francois Peron National Park is a string of birridas joined by the sea. Enjoy watching birds, fish, turtles and rays while paddling your water craft over the broad shallows and into the upper reaches of Big Lagoon.


Bottle Bay Campground

Enjoy fishing, swimming and snorkelling at this perfect beach camping area.

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Big Lagoon Campground

Attractive turquoise lagoon with a campground and an excellent spot to explore by canoe or sea kayak.

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Herald Bight Campground

The sweeping arc of Herald Bight is usually protected from the prevailing south-westerly winds.

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South Gregories Campground

Attractive beach camping area with few facilities but popular with fishing enthusiasts.

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Gregories Campground

Camping by the beach! A great spot for fishing. 

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